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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 26, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ >> sean: just a short time ago the white house health care summit came to an end in washington. tonight complete reaction to today's events from former alaska governor sarah palin, senator john mccain who attended and many others. first, here's what president barack obama had to say at the beginning of today's meeting. >> the president: i'd like to make sure this discussion is actually a discussion and not just us trading talking points. i hope that this isn't political theater. where we're just playing to the cameras and criticizing each other, but instead are actually trying to solve the problem. >> sean: in the end this was political theater at its finest. some hailed it as a rare moment of transparency in america politics.
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the only thing that was rare about today's event was president obama gave the republicans a seat at the table. the gop quickly found the so-called summit wasn't a venue where dissent was permitted. look at this exchange between president obama and tennessee senator lamar alexander. >> the president: when you said premiums go up that's not the case according to the congressional budget office. >> mr. president -- if you are going to contradict me i ought to have a chance to. the congressional budget office report says, that premiums will rise in the individual market as a result of the senate bill. >> the president: no, no. this is an example of where we got to get our facts straight. let me respond to what you just said. >> sean: wow! harry reid wasn't exactly in command of facts. here's what he had to say about the possibility of using reconciliation or the nuclear
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option to ram this bill through congress. >> you're entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. no one has said, i read what the president has on, no one has talked about reconciliation but that's what you folks talked about since it came out as if it is something that has never been done before. >> sean: apparently senator reid is working with his own set of facts he's been floating the idea for weeks. >> you keep talking about if there might be reconciliation. you cannot get health care reform passed without doing reconciliation, say it right here! >> john, listen, reconciliation can be used for different purposes. we can write a new bill or use reconciliation to pass the bill we've already passed. >> sean: joining me with reaction to today's health care summit former alaska governor sarah palin. governor looks like a winter wonderland, how cold is it there?
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>> it's about 20° but it is beautiful to us. isn't gorgeous and clean and healthy? it is why we are outdoors so often sean. >> sean: without a jacket, i give you a lot of credit. let me get your first general impression. we have a little delay here. your general impressions about the summit? >> i think michelle bachman summed it up well she suggested maybe the beer summit was more productive than what we saw today out of the health care summit. maybe they should have popped some tops off -- and the work done. we saw a lot of political posturing had been feared and that come to fruition. a lot of posturing. i think the president slid from the professor at the mode and into moderator at the meeting mode. not a lot of passion for meeting the challenges that are brought to light when he
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talks about his proposal to reform or take over health care really. i don't think a lot of success came out of this in speaking on the president's behalf. for the republicans, again with their free market pro-traditionally american free market principles they want to see applied in solutions to health care challenges, i think they did a great job. >> sean: go into more detail, if you can governor about how the republicans did today. we have senator mccain is going to join us in a few minutes. they had that fiery exchange. lamar alexander, eric cantor, paul ryan, i thought -- this is the first time the american people got to see the republicans' side. you're action to them in general? >> well, exactly. the republicans have been asking for an ear in the
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white house to hear what their proposals have been. they've been online, solutions they want to offer they've been accused of being the party of no and not having s. today was an opportunity for them to show what they had been talking all along that was a victory on behalf of republicans to finally be able to express what some of these free market patient-oriented s are that they wanna see implemented incrementally, with broad-based support so we can start meeting the challenges in health care. i think some of the details that we didn't hear a lot about coming from the president and the bill he's supportive of, had to do with price controls. which of course, will manipulate and distort merck's traditionally free market way of doing business in our economy. and the price controls and other things we'll hear more about in days to come. in that sense, this was a very
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productive day. it was painful to sit and watch this, but very productive and help and heathful for americans to see what had been discussed all along now out in the open. now americans can start asking more questions hopefully getting more answers. >> sean: when the republicans brought up the issues of process, how corrupt this has been, inasmuch as you had to bribe individual senators got benefits that other states wouldn't get. the idea he wouldn't take reconciliation often table. the president got very combative. he seem , from my point of view, angry at times. did you get that sense when he was lashing out saying these are talking points. your facts are wrong. what did you think? >> yeah, not answering those challenges to what he is proposing when it comes to recollection sill -- reconciliation and other things then he refused to answer those questions punted
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and went on at a different angle to different speakers. i think that was us from straighting for participants. certainly for -- i that i was frustrating for participants certainly for americans trying to figure out what the answers are. harry reid blew me away when he said nobody is talking about reconciliation. yes mr. reid people are talking about reconciliation in our own party that's how many believe that you are going to cram this down america's throat and we don't like it. >> sean: what do you think the political fall-out is? harry reid himself as we just played he's been using the term reconciliation. he's been pushing for this. from a political standpoint, if the democrats can go back and use the reconciliation process, what is the net impact of that on them politically in light of the country being angry right now? >> you know, that's a
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two-edged sword when we talk about what could be a fall out, ramification if they did cram through via reconciliation this scheme this takeover of too many aspects of our health care double-edged sword this would be good for common sense conservatives who want to get elected and clean house because americans would be so outraged that congress will have done this to the american people. two ask ourselves, is that worth it to get in there politically clean us, get new people elected. is it worth it? the risk is this 1/6 of our economy being so controlled by government with this take over of health care, is it word it -- is it worth it? that's the two edges we have to >> sean: "wall street journal" had an article that obama readies a fall-back proposal. he was asked if he has a plan b? he said yes.
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is this an admission, do you think on their part that they don't think they can get this through? are we gonna look at february 25th, at blair house as date that health care died in america? >> yeah the cameras did catch our president speaking to that, that plan b he said yeah i always have plans. it makes you wonder, what is up his sleeve? what is up congress' sleeve there a plan b as some reporters are now revealing to the american public that there probably is one. frustrating for viewers to not have had that question answered, special low when it was intimated early this morning that there probably is a plan b to get this thing through any way. >> sean: we'll continue more with governor palin straight ahead. we'll be joined by senator john mccain. a firsthand account from him of that battle that went on with the president. and pollster frank luntz is here with the special focus
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charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> sean: new york congressman set the tone for today's bipartisan summit. here's what he to say. >> make no mistake, every single republican i have ever met in my entire life, is a holy owned subsidiary of the insurance industry. >> considering the health care
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>> sean: we continue with our coverage of the white house health care summit. governor, we've all chronicled the fact that the republican party alienated a significant portion of their conservative base. my question to you is, do you think today went a long way
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perhaps reassuring that base they are back to their conservative values? >> i really think so. i think today was a good day in that respect. the free markets enterprises that have built in great country into the most healthiest, safest, prosperous and generous country in the world is based on the things that the republicans were talking about today. they were talking about more choices and more priorities being allowed to be given by our small businesses and our families. those things built our great country. they got to articulate their principles, their values as opposed to what government, via the white house and the president and the democrats were trying to convince americans were the answers to the challenges that were faced today. their answers are government is gonna take care of you. we need to grow and tax you more. we need more control to take more of your freedoms away
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from you. that's the answer? no this was helpful to get to witness you saw fundamentally opposed viewpoints on how to meet the challenges in america today. >> sean: reagan used the term in cpac 1974, no pale pastels but bold differences. i've been urging republicans make those issues clear. one issue is third party candidates tea party movement running candidates. you have said an that you think that is a bad idea can you explain in specificity, why? >> well, reagan also said there are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. a simple answer to a challenge that we face today with the tea party movement and i believe that i'm a part of that, because i'm such a believer in freedom, that's what the tea party is all about a simple answer to the challenges they face in not knowing kind of where we
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belong right now, is to essentially pick a party because we are a two-party system it is easier to reform one of the parties and get the people in the party to understand what has built in great country and what will allow for a brighter future. than it is to form a new machine and new process, via a third party. let's get in there and take over one of the parties! take over the republican party tea partiers. and get them to see the light. they are seeing the light clear and clearer everyday. get them to understand what built this country. get back to the foundation of america. build upon that and we will be a safer, healthier more prosperous nation. >> sean: similar to what you are saying what reagan said. he said a new republican party, a revitalized republican party on conservative principles. we are heading into what i think is one of the most important midterm elections in our lifetime. if there are any specific issues -- i know you are going
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to be out campaigning for a lot of candidates. if there's any specific issues that you think the republican party ought to be embracing, to bring the tea party movement, conservatives and maybe blue dog democrats to the movement, what do you think those issues are? >> again, it's pretty simple when it comes down to what it is that america was built upon. it's a smaller, smarter government, not growing government to control more of our lives and our businesses and make decisions for us. no, it is innovation, reward for a tough, hard work ethic that is embraced by so many americans. now, if candidates get it and can understand that building upon that will build a greater nation then i'm going to be out there supporting those candies. national security like reagan used to say too, bottom line, we win, you lose. if a candidate can understand we need a strong national
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military presence, so we can have a more peaceful world, then i'm gonna be supporting those candidates too. it really is not as complicated as some in washington, d.c. want to make it out to be. >> sean: if you are the party of fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, eliminate earmarks strong national defense, i'm looking behind you there's a lot of oil out there somewhere behind you, free market solutions for health care, for education, simple things. i agree with you. if candidates run on those simple things, it's victory? >> it's victory if candidates will embrace smaller, smarter government, energy independence, strong national security. remember those talking points i had rib -- i had written on my hand because i had done several speeches in four days and running up to the podium, that's a poor man's version of
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a teleprompter. i write on my hand, energy, tax cuts, lifting american spirits, there's the things candidates need to embrace to get elected and get this country on track. it is all those points you just articulated. >> sean: net winners, net losers. did the president hurt himself? did the republicans help themselves today in terms of public perception? >> the republicans helped themselves, absolutely. they got to talk about the patient-centered free market oriented solutions to health care reform that is needed. we do need to reform much of our health care we have in america. able to articulate that the democrats, the president it was more of the same old, same old, a lot of lecturing again. >> sean: i love the winter wonderland behind you, it is 20° and you don't have a jacket on that's tough, i like that we appreciate you being with us and thank you for
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joining us. >> thanks any time sean. >> sean: lots more to come on this edition of hannity. >> the president: we're not campaigning. the election is over. >> sean: john mccain squares off with president obama and he's here with a report. >> not only about the health -- is about jobs. >> luntz put politicians to the test. >> you speak eloquently and correctly about bringing fraud, waste and abuse out of this system. >> sean: the "new york times" has found the first tea party terrorist. that plus our
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>> sean: today's health care summit remained sievized for the most part. the president came out swinging against his 2008 gop rival arizona senator john mccain. look at this testy exchange that occurred between the two of them. >> >> the president: let me just make this point john because we're not campaigning any more. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that everyday. >> the president: my concern is that if we do that, then we're back on fox news or msnbc on the split screen to start going back and forth. >> could i say the american people care about what we did and how we did it. that's a subject i think we should discuss. >> the president: they absolutely do care about it john. and i think that the way you characterized it obviously would get strong objections from the other side. >> sean: joining me with reaction to that and his take
12:25 am
with how things went down today is senator mccain. welcome back. >> thank you sean. >> sean: we didn't show the lead-up to that you brought up the cornhusker kickback. you brought up the louisiana purchase. you brought up that it wasn't on c-span. you dealt with a lot of process. he never fully addressed your issues. what was your impression of his reaction? >> my impression is and i think it is a correct one that he's very, very uncomfortable. he didn't try to spoken to the unsavory sausage making that went on in developing this health care reform bill. and not only was it buying votes here, you know many things, 100 million dollars for a hospital in connecticut. what's that about? probably one of the most egregious is excluding, i think we call it gatorade or the florida flim-flam they are excluding 400,000 people because of where they live in
12:26 am
florida from any cuts in medicare advantage. they are announcing they're cutting medicare advantage. there's 330,000 people, medicare recipients in my home state of arizona who don't want their medicare advantage cut. so, there's a long list of it. then of course there's the sweetheart deals for the pharmaceutical companies and the hospital association and the american medical associate. probably the worst is the pharmaceutical deal, we can get into. so, i think the president was uncomfortable, because he knows it was wrong. it's not the way that he promised he would do and that was, we would change the climate in washington. >> sean: accused you and accused john boehner -- i think eric cantor was another one of using talking points. that's what he said. when you brought up legitimate
12:27 am
questions about bribing senators for votes. about states getting advantages. if the bill were so good i don't think they would need to do accused you of talking points. he reminded thank you he won in the election. i thought that was a cheap shot. he interrupted you three, four, five times when were you speaking. and seemed impatient with you. did you feel that being in the room with him? >> i felt that he wanted to get off the subas quickly as possible. -- off the subject as quickly as possible. because it is not defense able. in arizona i've been having town hall meetings for the last year all over my state, ever since, as he reminded me i lost, people are angry about the process as they are about the product! they are outrage that just because of the influence of an individual or a vote that needs to be bought, that there should be these kinds of backroom deals going on. which again, the american
12:28 am
people were promised that we weren't gonna do that any more. the president probably wasn't happy to hear it aim times during the campaign on health care reform he said i'm going to have c-span cameras in the room so the american people would know, yada, yada, -- >> sean: lamar alexander as i mentioned, brought up a lot of good points in the course of this, not the least of which is the issue of reconciliation. he read the quotes that harry reid and then senator obama had used on the issue of reconciliation. he wouldn't answer directly we would take that often table. they were saying it is unconstitutional, arrogant. now is it acceptable? what do you think the consequences are if they use that process? >> as you know, i later on in conversation, i brought that up again. because i had back some years ago when we republicans were
12:29 am
in the majority, resisted the so-called nuclear option, which was that would only require 51 votes to confirm judges, which i felt would have been on the path to destroying the 60-vote procedure in the senate. so, i brought it up. basically, his answer was the people want a vote. that was really the most disturbing part of this meeting today. even robert byrd said, this would be outrageous. reconciliation, that's the word the meaning of it is, reconcile small differences between house and senate on budgetary matters. never was it envisioned to affect 1/6 of our gross national product clearly the path he signaled we are on. it would be an outrage to the american people. >> sean: during the campaign one of the things barack obama was best known for, he's a great orator, he moved crowds,
12:30 am
people would faint. you watched this as you were going through the campaign. i find it interesting. he's given so many speeches, so many town halls, so many pitches for health care. it seems every time he speaks on the topic, he loses ground. not to use the term reconcile a lot, how do you reconcile those two? >> i think the american people are figuring it out. i think the american people are always smarter than a lot of people give 'em credit for. they know what this is about. they know that it is a budgetary gimmick that's gonna end up costing 2 1/2 trillion dollars. they know the states can't afford medicaid expansion like this. they're very smart and very resistant to the government intervening in this massive fashion in their health care and getting between them and their position. >> sean: senator thank you. >> thank you sean. >> sean: coming up, how did all the political points go
12:31 am
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12:35 am
doctor the one and only and i'm glad you got rid of that beard, frank luntz. >> we came to philadelphia for a reason this is the home of the first hospital created by ben franklin more than 200 years ago. we know pennsylvania is important for the electorate in 2010, big senate race. let's get response. you guys saw the health care summit. gut to hear from obama and the republicans. give me a word or phrase >> talking points. >> exception. >> disheartening. >> condense essential. >> contrived. >> beginning to a discussion. >> unproductive. >> dismissal. >> how many of you thought that barack obama did better than what you expected? seven. how many of you thought the republicans did better than what you expected? . that blows me away sean if your control room can pull it up. we've got the number one clip from tonight it came from john mccain.
12:36 am
one of the reasons with why these people think, split evenly between obama and mccain, why they think the republicans did so well. >> they want us to go to the beginning. they want us not to do this kind of legislating. they want us to sit down together and do what is best for all americans. not just for some people that live in florida or happen to live in other favored states. they want a uniformed treatment of all americans. >> how many of had you a positive reaction to that clip, raise your hands. almost all. you've had an individual personal experience with health care. how did this summit relate to what you went through? >> after a career in health care and taking care of my wife for the last several years and burying my sweetheart last year i was disheartened watching what i saw today. democratic dismissal of any attempt by republicans to start a dialogue. i was disheartened when i look at migrant baby, because
12:37 am
nothing is going to come of this. they are not listening to us. they are not list anyone to the people. the doctors and nurses were wonderful. the insurance administrative end was a nightmare. >> how many of you feel they are listening to you? how many think washington is still ignoring you? this is incredible. we are split. we 13 mccain voters, 11 obama voters and you still think washington is not listening. what is the problem? >> why can't we elect somebody to go to washington, d.c. to work with the other people in washington, d.c. to do what is best for me? all they do is work as hard as they can to make sure they maintain the presidency. >> focus on health care. >> they don't have our best interests at heart. >> in terms of health care? >> yeah. they are arguing with each other too much. they need to get . >> they are selling out health care for votes. trading health care for deals on the side that are going to get them reelected the next round. they don't care about how
12:38 am
their legislation is going to affect the people. >> eric cantor the whip for the republican in the house, also one of the most dramatic points scored well. >> so, i do want to go back to your suggestion as to why we're here. you suggested that maybe we are here to find some points after agreement to bridge the gap in our differences. i do like to go back to basics. we're here because we republicans care about health care just as the democrats in this room. >> the goal in that clip was to speak about bipartisanship, cooperation, did you hear any of that today? >> as far as bipartisanship, i think one side thinks that the solutions are with politicians and lawyers. one side thinks it's with patients. whenever i'm injured, i've been severely injured twice, i never once ring for a lawyer or politician.
12:39 am
the control has to be in the hands of the patient for us to move forward as a nation. >> that's one of the great sound bites i've heard in one of these sessions. pat? >> for the first time i did see the republicans attempt to seem like they were put ago side bipartisanship. whether or not they are sincere, i don't know that at this point. >> i have never been to the post office or the department of motor vehicle and seen all those windows closed while 50 people were waiting in line and one say can i open more windows for you? government doesn't do anything well. they should not be in charge of the health care. stop trying to take over everything. let's talk about fixing problems. we'll take care ever tort reform hold on to inches that work and get government out. >> they can't have bipartisanship when they are building on 2200 pages, 2400 pages, 2700 pages of a bill that republicans weren't involved in crafting. they need to get rid of it and work together to make something work.
12:40 am
>> how many of you think they should start from scratch? take a look at this shot. this is half republicans and half democrats. they want to start over again. sean, i don't think washington is listening. >> sean: first of all this is a great group, you're right. i agree with every comment made and the observations. moving forward, we kind of have a good idea the democrats wanna use this reconciliation process. we had scott brown elected in massachusetts the 41st vote against health care. if the democrats use this parliamentary maneuver will they be angry? what will their reaction be? >> how many of you heard of the word reconciliation? you are a heck of a lot more informed than the average american. how many of you want to see the democrats use reconciliation to get health care passed raise your hands. three of you. how many of you will be angry at the democrats if they use reconciliation? why will you be angry? >> it would be unprecedented
12:41 am
this is not a budget bill in is a nation transforming economic transforming bill that will affect every single american for generations to come. >> you got the last word. >> this is something that is going to affect every american for years to come. i think what they need to do is start from scratch, build it up, work one piece at a time so if this is the wrong plan it doesn't ruin america and the economy forever. >> sean simple question, is anybody there? does anybody care? anybody in washington listening? >> sean: i gotta tell ya, very well informed articulate, great group and great job from you. thank you i appreciate it. time to check in with greta van susteren. >> greta: i'm listening, i'm here in washington of course nobody has elected me to do anything. tonight newt gingrich is here. three participants from today's health care summit are here. plus four women who are were
12:42 am
last night they're back by popular demand tonight. that and more. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled. greta comes up in 18 minutes from now the great, great, great american panel is next. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel former adviser to president george w. bush leslie sanchez is back. he's a democratic pollster doug schoen and author of the promise father jonathan morris is with us. i want to get your reaction. i thought there was a great group in philly. what did you think? >> the key word was by part andship and its absence today. the president by trying to ram through with reconciliation this health care plan is making a fatal blunder. people want cooperation and conciliation think didn't see it. they going to whole the democrats accountable. >> sean: why when mccain, alexander when they brought up reconciliation, the corrupt process that was involved, buying votes. why didn't the president say you are right. it would have helped him. >> it would have been a sister gentleman moment if he
12:47 am
acknowledged he was seeking bipartisanship and gone to plan b there's common ground they could have sought. >> it was the first time they were enthusiast sick about republicans being engaged at the table, you saw that you saw some of the remarks about why don't they get back in start this process over they feel republicans for the first time are engaged, let them start over and have a say. if the president wanted reconciliation he should have put those four key areas in. >> sean: i think he missed an opportunity. >> i spend a lot of time in central america and europe. the reason why things don't work there people don't trust their government. they don't trust if they do this according to the law that things are going to well for them. they don't trust it in united states of america the reason why things go well generally is because people trust if go according to the plan of law, things are gonna work out. people are losing trust in government right now. when president obama says, there is going to be no federal funding for abortion
12:48 am
in this new health care reform bill, and all of a sudden in his own plan, not only in the senate's but his own plan, there is! so many other examples, people say, wait why do i trust this guy? >> sean: he wasn't going to have lobbyists, c-span these may be small things, but they are huge. let's run a quick montage, i'm the president i get more time. >> the republicans 24 minutes the democrats 52 minutes let's try to have as much balance as we can. >> the president: you're right there was an imbalance on opening statements, because i'm the president so i made -- i didn't count my time, >> with all due respect i disagree. does washington know best about the coverage people should or should people have that choice themselves? >> the president: any time the question is phrased as, does washington know better, i think we are tipping the scales a little since we know everybody is angry at washington right now.
12:49 am
i think it's a good way of framing, it's a good talking point. >> sean: the president attacked a lot with talking point. let's look at the minutes. democrats had 233 minutes, nearly four hours. republicans 1 10 minutes or an hour and 50 minutes the president had 119 minutes, one hour and 59 minutes. i think that hurt them. >> it did. from the focus group the conclusion i reached is people heard the republicans for the first time. they seemed reasonable. they didn't get any sense that the democrats and president obama were willing to cooperate or compromise at all. today was the day for compromise. it didn't happen. i think democrats are gonna be held accountable. >> sean: if they take the next step as we've been highlighting tonight, reconciliation. you saw that focus group they are mad. political suicide. why would they do that?
12:50 am
>> there's a strong divide among maybe ior democrats, who understand the writing on the wall this is a tough political time for them. tough for them in november. you have an angry electorate who doesn't trust the government. they are going against everything that they wanted to see. >> i think when we -- you asked the question why is he doing this? it seems like political suicide, why is he doing it? if we look at what president obama has been, before he became president, i think that's the answer. because he is consistent, in my opinion, consistently wrong on a lot of things. it doesn't mean his plan of health care reform is not a good idea. i was in new orleans this morning the taxi driver, 25 years as a taxi driver he wants health insurance, he can't get it, it is too expensive. we need reform. but do we trust this guy to do it in a way that is good for the american people? i don't think so.
12:51 am
sean when we come back a clip of ronald reagan on socialized medicine. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on!
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>> sean: as we continue with our great american panel. we used to do a segment, what would reagan do? here in the words of ronald wilson reagan, i'm a regan conservative, this is what he says about socialized medicine. >> one of the traditional methods of imposing socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. it is very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can't afford it. the american people if you put
12:55 am
it to them about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, would unhesitatingly vote against it. >> sean: it was right for him, right in clinton's era and it is right now. >> that's why for example religious leaders, like the bishops in the united states have always been for the universal capacity or ability to access good and quality health care. that every human being should be able to get that but it is very different from saying therefore, the government, united states, a federal government has the responsibility and obligation to give it free to everyone. that's different. >> i've had priests and high ranking members of the church tell me that i should be supporting socialized medicine. you are an anomaly, you know that? >> i don't think so. i think there's a valid difference of opinion. >> sean: liberal side in the
12:56 am
catholic church wants redistribution. >> people have made it clear they don't want redistribution. they are not for socialized medicine. not for government-run health care. they are for health care reform. >> sean: i can count four democrats, you're one that is is warning your party they are about to be destroyed. instead of -- >> plain, obvious and rational. democrats should see the handwriting on the wall not use reconciliation and go back to square one. >> sean: why aren't they listening to you? >> if i knew the answer i would tell you. >> sean: i'm glad don't listen to you, for the record. leslie? >> overall today we political theater. they knew what the end game was going to be before they started. plan b was going to be reconciliation pushing this through regardless of not only republicans was looking for but the american public was looking for. >> sean: they didn't have enough problem with the
12:57 am
louisiana purchase, cornhusker kickback and doing this behind closed doors as we've chronicled. the corruption factor has kicked in. the culture of corruption. some people blame republicans too it is worse for the democrats this is their problem. governor patterson in new york may have to resign as the result of a scandal. charlie rangel tonight ethics committee found out issues involving him. >> i don't think we can minimize this. this is sad for new york democrats. we woke up this morning and read that governor patterson may have to suspend his campaign because of his interject shun into a dispute -- involving one of his senior aides. congressman rangel apparently knowingly accepted trips interest the caribbean from lobbyists this could jeopardize his service. doesn't bring up the tax issue. this puts the democratic party at risk. >> sean: father it raises one
12:58 am
moral question. we've got john edwards, mcgreevy, governor patterson, client number nine, mark sanford. corruption, it's like i can't read a paper without somebody stealing, where is the moral compass from our leaders? >> you mentioned sanford. it is not just a democrat thing. >> sean: sanford is a republican. >> precisely. the important thing is when we look at what has made our country great. it has not been the fact that we are smarter man the europeans, the latinos, or anyone the fact is we've had a moral compass, as a country that >> sean: judeo-christian ethics. >> without a doubt. >> sean: barack obama says we are not a christian nation. >> that might be a question of linguistics or semantics. >> exceptional people with values that are unique. most americans certainly this
12:59 am
one doesn't. >> the positive on latinos, the part that we are c out is the hypocrisy. democrats went into leadership saying they were going to be most transparent, ethical they put somebody who violated those rules to help write a lot of these tax laws, we have a problem. >> sean: we gotta run. before we go, my brand new book will be out, my first book in six years, march 30th, conservative victory: defeating obama's radical agenda. we are going to be hitting the road, crisscrossing the country, multiy city book tour, a live show on location from a different city almost every night. details about the tour, big names with us, you can preorder the book, all the money that i would make on the tour, less expenses for editor and research people, i'm donating to the freedom alliance scholarship fund, every penny i would make.


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